Why Am I Fat? 8 Causes of Weight Gain


Snack between meals

The main cause of weight gain besides a medical reason is snacking. “We call snacking any consumption of food outside of meals. We must distinguish between snacking and snacking. Snacking is not linked to a feeling of hunger and generally responds to a desire to eat, a need for comfort. or a gluttony. On the other hand, the snack is a “programmed” snack which meets particular needs and which can be used in the diet of a diabetic person, a child, an elderly person, a professional athlete or a person who works staggered hours. Except for these people and without particular health concerns, a snack is theoretically not necessary. If they are balanced and nutritionally well constructed, the three meals a day are normally enough to last all day without a snack, ”explains the nutritionist straight away. What is problematic is that snacking occurs in addition to meals, which supplements the energy load of the day and therefore promotes weight gain.