The 11 Benefits Of A Cold Shower


Would you like to know more about the benefits of a cold shower? Water is a natural source that plays an important role in our body. When we drink it, it helps promote hydration in the body and makes the skin brighter, while improving various functions of the body.

And in external use, it turns out to be just as favorable. A cold shower will indeed help you keep fit in general. I invite you to discover in the following lines the beneficial effects of the cold shower on the body.
1- More energy to start the day well
For some people, taking a cold shower upon waking up may seem disproportionate. And yet, this ritual generates a deep breath due to thermal shock, and this helps maintain body heat.

Oxygen uptake is then increased. This at the same time increases the heart rate and transmits a significant amount of blood to all parts of the body. Thanks to the cold shower, I guarantee that you will have the energy you need to start your day in the best way.

2- Muscles in great shape thanks to the cold shower
The cold shower is particularly suitable for athletes. After exercise, it helps to reduce the deterioration and swelling of muscle fibers. This helps to ward off aches and pains.
In addition, exposing our body to cold water helps recovery after exercise. This is one reason why professional runners immerse themselves in an ice bath after competing. You’ve probably heard of it before, haven’t you?
3- Take a cold shower on a regular basis to promote fertility in men
You might not know it, but there’s a great reason the testicles are outside the body. In fact, to properly perform their functions, these male organs must have a lower temperature than that of the body.

Dear gentlemen, taking a hot bath or shower on a regular basis can reduce your sperm count as well as their mobility.

And it can even make you almost sterile if you expose yourself too often and for a long time to hot water. As for the cold shower, his actions are opposed to that.
4- The cold shower to strengthen vital organs and improve blood circulation
The cold shower stimulates the heart, makes the blood vessels more compact and helps channel blood flow to vital organs. This flow of blood promotes the circulatory system and at the same time, vital organs benefit more nutrients.

In short, a cold shower can be considered a kind of exercise whose goal is to improve the circulation of the blood. In addition, by promoting circulation while generating vascular contraction, showering with cold water helps prevent varicose veins and possibly reduce them.

5- A strengthened immune system
When we take a cold shower, our body exhibits a certain action that promotes the strengthening and regeneration of immune defenses. This then helps our body to afford better protection against infections and viruses of all kinds.

According to several recent studies, it has been found that people who take a cold shower on a regular basis, unlike those who prefer hot showers, have a higher number of white blood cells. This allows the body to better fight diseases.
6- The cold shower, a good ally for losing weight
A cold shower can also help you shed extra calories. Eh yes ! You may never have realized it, and yet a cold shower can be a great addition to a weight loss regimen.
In the body of every human being, there are two types of fatty tissue, namely white fat and brown fat. Their design is not identical. Brown fat needs cold while white fat requires athletic activity. Cold water can mobilize brown fat. This allows you to burn an average of 100 to 200 calories.

At the same time, brown fat, which contains energy-generating mitochondria, can provide energy to the body just by the action of the cold shower.
7- An indisputable fountain of youth
Cold water therapy has been shown to increase the level of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is in fact one of the most powerful antioxidant enzymes found naturally in the cells of the human body. This one owns many properties including in particular that of slowing down aging.

In short, it has been scientifically proven: a shower with cold water can help us keep our youthfulness for as long as possible!

8- For hair and skin in better shape
Unlike the hot shower, the cold shower provides benefits to the skin and hair. In reality, the cold causes vasoconstriction. This means that the blood vessels as well as the capillaries constrict, and at the same time tighten the skin.

If you wash your body and face with cold water, it will help you fight sagging skin. As a corollary, the skin tightens and becomes smoother as the pores tighten. In addition, the hair benefits from a better shine.

9- Take a cold shower for a peaceful sleep
During sleep, the body tends to slow down and this is quite normal. This implies a slight drop in body temperature. In this context, a shower with cool water will improve sleep as it will lower the body temperature and provide the ideal conditions for a good sleep.

Contrary to this, the hot shower, which increases the temperature of the body, will be rather favorable to waking up in the morning.

10- The cold shower intensifies the libido
Contrary to popular belief, a cold shower does not help calm our ardor. Indeed, it seems that it contributes to the development of luteinizing hormone, in this case the libido hormone, one of the functions of which is to increase the production of testosterone.

You may not have noticed it, but in women, during the pre-ovulatory period, the urge for sex is much stronger than usual. And this is quite simply due to the increase in luteinizing hormone.

11- The cold shower, to relieve stress and remedy depression
With a good cold shower, anxiety and stress can be relieved. It allows you to relax and clear your head. However, care should be taken because sometimes it can have the opposite effect.

On the other hand, showering with cold water helps stimulate the area of ​​the brain that brings joy and increases self-confidence. This was found during a study conducted at the University of Virginia. Thus, thanks to the cold shower, we can cure our depression.

Whatever people say, a cold shower has many benefits. In case you are not used to taking a cold shower, it may take a while to get used to it.