Losing Weight Without Exercising


2. Create a calorie deficit
At first glance, creating a calorie deficit may not seem easy, but it is actually not that complicated with a reasoned diet. Indeed, reducing your calorie consumption does not mean eating less.

It’s about finding the right diet. A balanced combination of protein , carbohydrates , healthy fats and optimal water intake are the ideal basis for getting lean without exercising.

The best way to lose weight without a strict diet and exercise is to eat less carbohydrates (15%), but more protein (50%) and healthy fats (35%).

Within the body, carbohydrates are the primary suppliers of energy. As part of a regular diet, carbohydrates are responsible for half of the calories consumed. If the carbohydrate intake is reduced, as is the case during a Low Carb diet, without being replaced by foods rich in protein or fat, the body then consumes its fat reserves. This is one of the keys to losing weight without exercising. It’s not about eating less, but rather choosing the right foods to put on your plate.