10 Foods to Avoid to Get the Flat Belly You’ve Dreamed Of


The fat on the abdominal wall is the most difficult to lose.

Most of the time, this is where it stalls first and without regular exercise it is almost impossible to dislodge it. This is why it is imperative to eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that are too fatty, too sweet or too salty. But results cannot be achieved without substantial physical activity. Running or exercises targeting the abdominals for example, will be very useful.

However, your efforts will be in vain if a healthy lifestyle is not adopted. Belly fat is essentially related only to diet. In other words, there are some foods that are totally forbidden to eat if you want to get a flat stomach fast.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of 10 foods that will cover your abdominals if you eat them regularly.

1. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is very high in calories. Plus, it will naturally increase your appetite to “absorb” the effects it causes. Beer, in particular, tends to swell your belly. During aperitifs, prefer a fruit juice, perhaps sweeter, but much more “healthy”.

2. Soft drinks are your sworn enemies

If you have become accustomed to consuming soda regularly, especially with meals, you will quickly find yourself bloating. Carbonated drinks are extremely high in sugars. Even those considered “sugar free” or “zero” are still bad for your health. They will slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight visibly.

3. Don’t play ruminant

Chewing gum is very bad. Indeed, chewing is perceived by your brain and your stomach, as announcing a meal. The body will make stomach acid just to prepare for digestion, but if your stomach does not get it, it will automatically make you feel hungry, feeling that it is not full. Finally, chewing gum will inflate your stomach with air and you will quickly feel bloated.

4. Gradually remove the salt and sugar

It’s no secret that by removing salt and sugar from your diet, you will see the effects almost immediately. Also, remember that these two condiments are relatively unhealthy in general. Salt is responsible for water retention and sugar responsible for various diseases since some of it is stored in the blood.

5. Forget the fast food restaurants and cook!

The calorie explosion in fast food and junk food in general will not help you reach your goal. Of course, a “shit meal” per week is still reasonable, but don’t overdo it either! All the fat, salt and sugar in fast food menus will ruin your efforts faster than you can imagine.

6. Forget your mayonnaise

80% fat is exactly what mayonnaise contains. In fact, if you eat it at almost all meals, the simple fact of giving it up will save you precious inches around your waistline!

7. Set fries and all kinds of fried foods aside for a while.

Indeed, 99% of the world’s population must love French fries. But that does not make it an argument touting its nutritional benefits, quite the contrary. Fried foods absorb saturated fat. This certainly has a direct impact on your weight, but also on your brain. From time to time (once a month) and in small quantities, it remains reasonable. Prefer oil-free fryers, or be sure to mop the fries in absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.

8. Say goodbye to ice cream

Yes, this is very bad news for many of you. However, rest assured, there is a totally “healthy” version of ice cream: “nice creams”. Made from frozen bananas, embellished with other fruits of your choice (or even chocolate), they contain only fruit, so little sugar and fat. They are creamy to perfection and you can find many recipes on the net. Another advantage is that you only need a few minutes to make them and they can be eaten straight away!

9. Avoid foods that will bloat your stomach

You may have already noticed that there are rather slender people who have small, plump bellies. This is probably the result of consuming foods causing the release of gas. For example, raw vegetables (salads, etc.), or sometimes legumes, give off gas when digested. In order to overcome the problem, you can consume activated carbon. It will be of great help to you by absorbing these gases and keeping your stomach flat.

10. Above all, don’t fall into the “sugar-free” trap

To choose, prefer sugary foods than certified “sugar-free”. This is because the substitutes are often of very poor quality and harmful to your body. This is the case, for example, with sweeteners or sugar alcohols. These products may be effective for diabetics, but certainly not for a “healthy” person. Perhaps after taking only these products for a while, you haven’t noticed any improvement in your waistline, or even worse: you have gained a few inches. It is very likely. Stop everything. For yogurts, for example, try eating them plain. And if you really don’t succeed, honey, jam, coconut sugar or even natural syrups (agave, maple, etc.) remain much healthier!