Eating too Fast: Is It Really Less Good?


The time spent at the table is getting shorter over the years. With a closely related consequence: we gobble more than we eat. In addition, we are increasingly turning to foods that do not require chewing efforts. But eating quickly can have unexpected consequences. Laurent Chevallier, nutritionist, explains.

We send them off in a hurry because of files to finish or children to take care of. For the past fifty years, we have had a tendency to rush our meals!

Eating too quickly? It doesn’t seem dramatic at first glance. However, the consequences of a meal swallowed in a hurry are real. “By not chewing enough, we force our body to produce gastric juice in large quantities. And it is an acidic element, which can in the long run alter the mucous membranes, and generate this famous gastro-esophageal reflux”, warns Laurent Chevallier Nutritionist.

So What happens exactly to your body when you eat too fast?